How does Brojure work?

Deliver style and substance to your customers.

How does Brojure work?

Deliver style and substance to your customers

What tools does Brojure have?

In-App Editing Tools:

Image Libraries

Access images instantly. Manage account library with bulk uploads, photo credits, and search tags.

Template Selector

Change design layouts fast. Choose from a unique set of templates for covers, pages, and articles.

Attach a Contact

Insert visual, interactive contact cards. VoiP capable phone numbers, direct to email hyperlinks, and personalized photos enhance each contact. Readers stay engaged with content.

Embedded Video

Add YouTube and Vimeo videos. Eye-catching films start automatically.

Rich Text Formatting

Format content. Stylize copy, create lists, align paragraphs, and hyperlink text in any article. Add inline images and video. Make synchronized edits in real-time.

Account Management Tools:

Customized Microsites

Host unique microsites. Pick and choose content to display and change it at any time. Send the microsite’s custom URL across email, web, and social channels.

Brojure Dashboard

Oversee account. Manage analytics, portfolio, and settings all from one central interface.

Content Management

Remove, rearrange, and duplicate content. Drag and drop editing makes it simple to manage pages and articles.

Sharing Tools

Share immediately. Push content via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest with one click. Embed content or microsites directly onto any webpage.

Member Management

Assign access. Invite and change the members who manage the account.

Privacy Settings

Take control. Set any smart brochure as private, unlisted, or public.

Account-wide Fonts

Stay on-brand. Change fonts account-wide for header and body fonts.


Download PDF. Available to Professional Plan subscribers, the Export button provides a way to save and print content.