About Us

Engage, connect and win business
through visual, smart brochures.

Why should I work with Brojure?

The Smart Brochure Company

Engage, connect and win business through visual, smart brochures.

Launched in 2015, Brojure provides content creators with a fresh, dynamic way to grow business. The smart brochure gives organizations a new solution for building awareness, connecting with clients, and establishing relationships.

Be part of a global community with users in over 40 countries, Brojure is the world’s leader in smart brochures.

Connect more. Create freely. Be persuasive. Measure results.


What is Brojure’s story?

Brojure began with an idea. One of those 11pm, time is running out, gotta get it done ideas. A colorful, energetic vision for a project, the kind you get excited about. But how do I share it in a way that does my vision justice? How can I stand out when all the tools at my disposal are decades old, overused, and, well, boring? These were the questions that our founder Penny Wing had at 11pm on a Tuesday night, the questions that launched Brojure.

Brilliant ideas should be presented beautifully. Period.

Brojure was developed as a Do It Yourself solution to creating incredible content, fast, and without a designer. Today, we continue to aid users in creating their best content and sharing their ideas with innovative creation tools and assets.

Penny Wing
Penny Wing
Founder & CEO
Victor Nacif
Victor Nacif
Chief Creative Officer
Fay Beauchine
Fay Beauchine